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London Eye, Ferris Wheel

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The London Eye, the full name of Coca-Cola London Eye, is located on the Thames River in London, England. It is the world's first and largest observation Ferris wheel as of 2005. It is one of London's landmarks and famous tourist attractions. The London Eye was built to celebrate the year 2000. It was originally approved to operate for 5 years. Since the British "London Eye" Ferris wheel with a total investment of US$120 million was built and opened in 2000, it attracted 3 million tourists from all over the world. Around the number of people, the economic benefits of the London tourism market have increased by 10%, and at the same time it has also driven about 10,000 tourism jobs in London. As of July 2002, the London Eye has accumulated a total of 8.5 million passengers. The local city council decided to keep the London Eye for a long time.

The London Eye opened at the end of 1999, when the sponsor was British Airways, so it was also known as the Millennium Wheel, with a total height of 135 meters (443 feet). The London Eye has a total of 32 cabins (ordered from 1 to 33. Because of religious taboos, there is no number 13). Because the cabins are made of tempered glass inside and outside, they are equipped with air conditioning systems. Each cabin can carry about 25 passengers, and the rotation speed is about 0.26 meters per second, which means a lap takes 30 minutes. The "London Eye" was built to celebrate the new millennium, so it is also known as the "Millennium Ferris Wheel". Passengers can take the "London Eye" up to the sky and get a bird's eye view of London. The "London Eye" turned into a huge blue halo at night, greatly adding to the dreamy temperament of the Thames. The London Eye also lights up the 2015 British General Election. The red light represents the British Labor Party, blue represents the Conservative Party, purple represents the British Independence Party, and yellow represents the Liberal Democratic Party.

The wheel-shaped design of the London Eye is a metaphor for the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the new millennium. It is the vision of a husband and wife architect team David Marks and Julia Barfield. In 2000, when British Airways was still the main sponsor, this building was called the Wheel of the Millennium. Until November 2005, British Airways held holdings with two other companies. Later Merlin Entertainment Group bought the management rights and set up Coca-Cola London Eye Co., Ltd. to operate. The concept of the “London Eye” can be traced back to a competition organized by The Times in 1993. The newspaper asked participants to propose the most ambitious plan to celebrate the millennium. Two architects took the lead in a whimsical proposal to build the world’s largest Ferris wheel. This plan aroused the imagination of British Airways chairman Alin and decided to invest money to make it happen.

The Millennium Ferris wheel, driven by two motors on the platform, has 32 enclosed cabins, each of which can accommodate 25 people. The cabins are equipped with solar cells to provide electricity for ventilation, lighting and communication systems. Visitors in the "London Eye" can reach the city center in half an hour to overlook the magnificent view of the city. You can enjoy more than 55 beautiful pictures, each with explanations. The London Eye at night has a more dreamy temperament, with a huge blue halo reflecting the Thames more beautifully. "London Eye" is also the most popular paid sightseeing spot in the UK. This Millennium Ferris wheel will attract millions of visitors to London like a magnet, making them cross Westminster Bridge from Big Ben to the South Bank. British Airways said the 1,500-ton building can last for at least 50 years.