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Central Park, New York, USA

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Central Park, known as the "back garden" of New York, is not only a recreational place for New Yorkers, but also a popular tourist attraction for tourists from all over the world. After the journalist William Bryant launched a park construction campaign in the New York Post in 1850, two landscape architects, Frederick Law Olmsted and Calbert Vaux, built the park in 1856. Central Park is located in the middle of Manhattan with skyscrapers. It covers an area of ​​843 acres. It is the largest urban park in New York and the first park in New York built entirely on the principles of landscape architecture. The Central Park is a completely man-made natural landscape with light green acres of grass, a small forest with lush trees, a courtyard, an ice rink, a carousel, an amphitheatre, two small zoos, a lake where you can go boating, tennis courts, and sports fields. , Art museums, etc.

There is a park called the Strawberry Garden in the park, which is a peace park in memory of John Lenan, from which you can see various flowers from all over the world. Central Park can often be seen in movies and TV shows, such as the movie "Love Story" and so on. In 1857, New York City’s decision-makers set aside green space for public use in the city to provide a leisurely place for busy and tense life. The park is beautiful in all seasons, with bright reds and greens in spring, bright sunshine in summer, red maples in autumn and fire in winter. Silver and white.

The Central Park Zoo can be divided into sea lion performance area, polar circle area and tropical rain forest area. Among them, the sea lion performance area is the most popular. The kind of smooth and shiny sea lions in the pool play freely. Occasionally, when they are in a good mood, they will climb onto the rockery and squeeze their heads to make the tourists scream and divide every day. Feeding at different times, the staff will walk into the pool and throw the small fish in the bucket to the sea lions, but they will see the huge sea lions sensitively catch each fish.

The Bethesda Fountain and Plaza are located between the lake and the trees, and are the core of the Central Park. The fountain was built in 1873 to commemorate the soldiers who died in the sea during the Civil War. The Besda's name is taken from the story of the Bible and the content is narrated in Jerusalem One of the pools in the United States has healing effects due to the power of angels. The statue of "Angel in the Water" is taken from Tony Kushner's epic drama "Angels in America". The four statues surrounding the fountain represent " Temperance, "Pure", "Health" and "Peace". There are often flocks of swans swimming in this pool, and there are also many tourists rowing in the lake.

One of the best things that happened in New York was the Shakespeare play performed at the Delacourt Theater in Central Park every summer. It was performed by the Joseph Piper troupe, which is resident in the Public Theater. The most exciting Yes, it is completely free of charge. The Shakespeare’s Park Theatre Festival takes place from June to September each year and is performed in the Delacourt Theater. This theater is only open in summer and closed on Mondays. Free tickets will be issued from 6:15 pm every day. Each person is limited to one, and the audience is quite enthusiastic.