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Pugs originated in China. The pug has a long history. Its ancestors were brought to Europe by traders of the East India Company in the 16th century and became the favorite of royal families and nobles. The dog is small and sturdy, and its serious appearance conceals a cheerful temperament and excellent qualities. Pugs are very intelligent, outgoing, caring, and loyal companion dogs. They are suitable for novice owners and are friendly to children and other pets. The dog needs regular exercise, but does not require much living space, so it is an ideal dog breed for apartment living.

According to textual research, the pug and the Pekingese are probably derived from the same ancestor, and are an ancient oriental dog breed. As early as the Han Dynasty, the pug came from China’s Silk Road to foreign countries. Some people think that this muscular puppy is a small breed of French mastiff. According to legend, it was first brought to Europe and the Netherlands by Dutch sailors and merchants from China. It was once called a Dutch dog because of the favor of Dutch princes and nobles. Later, Russian (in the era of Peter the Great), French, and British merchants also brought them back to their home countries. In 1553, the pug came to France with the Turkish fleet. The ladies couldn't help but nicknamed it "Little Turkish Dog". In the Victorian era, the popularity of this dog reached its peak. When Prince William and his wife Mary came to England to take over the throne in 1689, they brought a group of pugs with them. They were very much loved by the royal family.

Pugs are gentle, firm and composed, easy to tame, emotional, lively and outgoing, and friendly to children. Beautiful posture, noble character, very attractive, and can adapt to various living conditions. A smart and attached person, although he looks sad but happy and hearty, loyal to his master. Pugs are widely loved by people, but its innate body structure also produces some inherent troubles, which require careful observation and care by the owner. Do not overfeed, otherwise you will gain weight and lose your cute image. Pugs are lively and fun, and must be given a certain amount of time every day to achieve a certain amount of exercise. However, due to its extremely short respiratory tract, strenuous exercise is not suitable.

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