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Scottish Fold Cat

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Folded ears, as the name implies, the ears are folded forward and downward. This feature of the folded ear cat is the result of genetic mutation. The earliest fold-eared cat was discovered near a farm in Scotland in 1961, but there was only one fold in its ears. People continued to selectively breed this feature so that their ear creases changed from the original one. The place has become the second to the third place now, and finally the fold-ear cat with a very unique appearance is cultivated as one wishes.

Apart from the soft and cute cry, the most attractive part of cats is that they can't escape the round, watery eyes and round face. The ears that were raised upward are now flat against the head, making the face more integral. , This is tantamount to icing on the cake, and it naturally captures a large number of fans. Although this look is more cute to us than straight ears, from its own point of view, to be cruel, it is a manifestation of congenital disability, and this is a lifetime for these sweet-looking, gentle and calm cats Suffering.

In the early 1970s, the British geneticist Oliphant Jackson published a research report that clearly pointed out that Scottish fold-ear cats had bone problems and attributed the root of the problem to genetic phenomena caused by fold-ears of both parents. It is proposed that for the health of this breed, the mating behavior of fold ears and fold ears must be terminated. Because Scottish Fold cats inherited the hard-working character of their distant ancestors, they are more adaptable and able to deal with unfamiliar environments.

Cats are arrogant by nature, and punishment has little effect in the process of cultivating good cats. Punishment after the event is even more harmful and unhelpful, because the cat will not associate the previous wrong behavior with the subsequent punishment, but will be confused by the owner's attitude. Random beating and scolding will destroy the cat's feelings and trust in the owner, so when the cat does something wrong, just say "no" and the cat can understand the owner's likes and dislikes.