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Lilies are perennial herbaceous bulbous plants, native to temperate regions of almost every continent in the Northern Hemisphere, mainly distributed in eastern Asia, Europe, North America, etc. More than 110 varieties have been found in the world, 55 of which are produced in China. In recent years, many new varieties have been produced through artificial hybridization, such as Asiatic lilies, lilies, perfume lilies, etc. The lily flower is elegant, the leaves are verdant and the stems are slim, it is a rare cut flower rookie.

Lilies are used for viewing, especially cut flowers exported from the Netherlands and Japan. For example, lilies are one of the most important cut flowers. The bulbs of lilies are rich in starch, and some of them can be eaten as vegetables. In China, lilies have a long history of consumption. Moreover, Chinese medicine believes that lilies are mildly cold and have the effects of moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough, clearing fire, and calming the mind. Squamous stems can be used as medicine, and it is a kind of flower for medicine and food.

The lily flower is known as "Fairy of Clouds". Because of its elegance and purity, the Catholic Church uses the white lily as the symbol of the Virgin Mary, while the Vatican uses the lily as the national flower. The seed head of the lily is made up of scales, which means "a hundred years of harmony" and "pepsi". China has regarded it as an essential auspicious flower for weddings since ancient times. There is also the meaning of respect.

There are many varieties of potted lilies, and their flower colors are diverse. Use it to display the hotel lobby, airport terminal, commercial building window, fresh and pleasing, simple and natural. Several basins dot the living room or small garden, dazzling and full of texture. Before planting or potting, lily bulbs are soaked with 2 mmol/L silver thiosulfate solution for 24 hours at a temperature of 20°C, and the flowers that grow later will have a longer lifespan. Flowers are sensitive to ethylene. Plants should be sprayed with silver thiosulfate solution to prevent falling flowers and leaves during low-temperature storage and transportation. Potted lilies can be stored for 14-28 days at a temperature of 0-3℃.