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The Desert Eagle pistol is a semi-automatic, pneumatic pistol produced by the Israeli military industry for the Magnum Institute. After the first fully functional 0.357 caliber pistol came out, it became the target of mad pursuit by collectors and gun lovers. The name of the desert eagle pistol must be known to all firearms lovers. As a classic weapon in the history of pistols, the desert eagle implied its domineering power when it was named. This pistol is compared with traditional pistol Instead of using a free gun, it uses a pneumatic method, and a special gun is set in the sleeve to make the bullets it emits with greater power. However, it is precisely this design that makes it a lot heavier than ordinary pistols. It can be regarded as a half rifle in terms of weight and power. It is said that the power of the Desert Eagle pistol can kill an elephant.

In 1979, the Magnum Institute, which was just established near Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, planned to launch a new type of pistol capable of firing 0.357 Magnum bullets. The main function of the gun was to target or hunt, and called this plan It is the "Eagle of Magnum". The company’s founder and firearms engineer B White presided over the technical details and development work. The earliest prototype of the Desert Eagle was launched in 1981. The news was announced in 1982 and its design patent was obtained in 1983. After the first prototype gun was announced in 1982, it caused a lot of repercussions. The great power and beautiful appearance of this 0.357 Magnum caliber semi-automatic pistol aroused great interest from many shooters. Then, the Magnum Institute needed to find a large company to produce this pistol, and soon found the "Israeli Military Industry", and "IMI" continued to take over the improvement, after repeated trials and continuous improvement. This type of pistol began to be produced and sold in the form of the "Desert Eagle" produced by IMI in 1983. It wasn't until 1985 that the Desert Eagle officially appeared on the shelves of the American pistol market.

In 1991, the Desert Eagle 0.50in pistol newly developed by the Israeli Military Industry Corporation was released at the 91st International Machine Tool Fair in Nuremberg, under the name Desert Storm. The structure of the Desert Eagle 0.50in pistol is basically the same as the 9mm pistol, and it adopts the air-guided working principle. It has an adjustable trigger mechanism. The plastic grip is an integral structure, and its shape is like a U-shape, which is fixed behind the bullet receiving port by a spring pin. The grip angle is 75° and the distance from the trigger is 70mm. This grip is suitable for medium-sized hands. The polygonal barrel is precision forged. The standard barrel is 152mm long. It can also be replaced with other barrels of the same caliber. There is no need to remove the sleeve when unloading the barrel. However, when changing the barrel caliber, it is necessary to completely replace the barrel, locks, magazines, etc. Compared with the 0.357in caliber pistol, the barrel mass of the 0.50in pistol has increased by 137g, the sleeve has increased by 94g, and the barrel axis has also increased by 1.5mm. The aiming device of the gun is composed of a notch rear sight and a sheet-shaped front sight. The front sight is embedded in a dovetail slot and has a height of 3.3mm; the notch can be moved sideways and can be easily replaced with an adjustable sight.

The desert eagle pistol is widely recognized worldwide, but it has not been listed as a military pistol for three reasons: 1. Its gun weight-a desert eagle empty gun with a caliber of 11.43mm (0.45 inches) weighs 2kg, and one The soldiers themselves have to carry other heavy equipment, so the Desert Eagle is still too heavy. 2. Its recoil was once jokingly praised by testers: only people with a body weight of 80 kg can use it normally. One can imagine the great recoil. Third, the structure is complex, the reliability is low, and it cannot adapt to the complex and harsh battlefield environment. The high noise generated by the desert eagle pistol during shooting caused the army and the police to refuse to use it. And because the desert eagle has strong penetrating power, it can even penetrate the lightweight partition wall, so the desert eagle is currently only used in a small amount of competition, Hunting, self-defense. This type of gun is used in Poland by the Polish Army Special Forces Mobile Response Combat Unit; in Portugal, it is used by special operations teams.